After being an Atlanta Chiropractor for over ten years, I have seen tons of different patients with on major thing in common. They all have Vertebral Subluxation! These pesky Subluxations are what Chiropractors detect and address by adjusting the spine. By removing these ‘shorts in their body’s electrical system’, they are able to function at a much higher level of health. When we reconnect the brain’s ability to properly communicate with the whole body, the body responds by working at it’s full potential.

This is why I let every new patient know that I am not here to ‘treat their pain’. I’m here simply to help unleash the body’s ability to express it’s full health potential. When the body is functioning at it’s highest potential, not only does pain disappear, but every system of the body starts working the way that they always should have.

There are an infinite number of ways to become subluxated. The primary source of Subluxation is STRESS! Once again, there are lots of different stresses. Today I’d like to address the types of stress that having poor nutrition can inflict upon our bodies. Junk foods are high calorie, high fat, high sodium, low fiber foods that typically come from processing plants and/or fast food joints. Consumption of these types of food make us over weight! They also cause a build up of fatty plaque in our circulatory system which causes a ton of stress on our hearts and lungs. They make our livers work way too hard and cause a state of acidity in our bodies that predispose us to tons of other preventable health conditions.

Notice I said “preventable”. We choose the foods that we consume therefore it’s our choice to eat junk foods, or eat healthy foods. When we’re over weight we compromise the stability of our bony structures because the ‘extra’ weight causes a lot more stress with every breath that we take and every step that we take. Even when we are sitting down it’s a lot more challenging to have proper posture when we’re fat.

My advice to you as an Atlanta Chiropractor, is to make healthier choices when you sit down to eat. Reduce or completely eliminate junk food consumption and you’ll decrease damaging stress on your body. Eat more alkaline foods! Eat fresh fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds and berries! Eat REAL FOODS and your body will thank you! If you reduce the types of stresses that poor nutrition cause to the body, then the body can focus more on functioning healthfully. Get adjusted, eat right and live a healthy life. Look at this link to see what foods create an alkaline environment in the body.