Spring! It’s in the air! Literally. Do you know how I can tell? That’s right. The Devil’s dandruff! The city is about to be painted yellow with pollen again. And we all know what comes with that. Allergies.

These days, allergies not only interfere with the lives of those that suffer from them, but they can also cause panic in others around them. I just want to remind everyone that just because someone coughs or sneezes, doesn’t mean they have “The Rona”. That’s what the kids are calling it these days. Yes, there are other conditions that cause the same symptoms.

Pleasant Side Effects

Did you know that a pleasant side effect of Upper Cervical Care is an improvement in allergies? No, it’s not a cure or a treatment for them. Allergies are merely symptoms of the body’s inability to adapt to its environment. If pollen were the cause of allergies, everyone would have them. But, somehow, there are many people that don’t. How is that? It’s because each individual has their own resistance to an allergen. The people who don’t have allergies are able to adapt better.

When it comes to increasing your adaptability, Upper Cervical Care is where it’s at.

I used to have really bad allergies this time every year. I would get sinus infections with immense pressure and headaches. My sinus would actually squeak, so loud that others could hear it. My eyes would water and my nose would run so bad I would have to clog it with tissue so I wouldn’t drip snot on my patients during adjustment! Gross, I know. Once I started getting Upper Cervical for my sciatica, I noticed each year that my allergies would be less severe and they would go away quicker and quicker. Now for the last few years, I barely notice any symptoms at all. Maybe a slight runny nose for a couple of days. I haven’t had a sinus infection in two years! Did Upper Cervical cure me? No. It just raised my bar when it comes to adapting to my environment. So, for all you who are starting to have reactions to the weather, make sure you are in Adjustment and your Power is on. That way, you can adapt to your environment the best you can.

Say goodbye to Winter and hello to Spring! Enjoy your weekend. And, don’t forget…Be Kind to Your Spine!

Dr. Kris