Chiropractic is different than traditional allopathic medicine in many ways. We are a drugless profession. We don’t perform surgeries or diagnose diseases. Most importantly, REAL Chiropractors don’t treat symptoms. As an Atlanta chiropractor, I understand that symptoms are ALWAYS an effect and NEVER a cause. We also believe that the cause of any symptom is NEVER the lack of pharmaceuticals in your bloodstream.

For example, take a rubber band and wrap it tightly around your finger. After a short time, your finger will begin to get red and start to swell. A little while longer, it will begin to get tingly and numb. Eventually, it will turn blue and become very painful. If it were left there long enough the finger would atrophy and die. This process is due to the constriction of the nerves and other structures of the finger. This creates an interference in the transmission of information from the brain to the fingertip.

So, first let’s look at the allopathic, or medical model of caring for this problem. They would look at the finger and begin to list the symptoms. Then they would probably name it something like Acute Digtitis or a Fingeropathy. Then, they would decide how to treat those symptoms. First, they might inject an anti-inflammatory into the finger along with some pain killers. If that didn’t work, they would probably prescribe physical therapy hoping to exercise the finger until the problem went away. After that fails, they may elect to perform surgery and remove the bad finger. Problem solved, right? Although, now you are minus one finger and filled with toxins.

Now let’s look at the Chiropractic model for the same problem. We look at the inflamed finger. We are aware of the symptoms. Our first thought is, ” WHY is this finger inflamed”? “What is interfering with normal function of this finger”? “Why is it not healing”? Once we find the interference, namely the pressure from the rubber band, we merely remove it. By removing the pressure on the nerves of the finger we establish normal communication between the finger and the brain. Then your body will do what it does best, HEAL ITSELF! You see, the body created the symptom to let you know there is a problem. Therefore, the body is the only thing that can remove the symptom. Yes, drugs can hide symptoms, but that allows the problem to progress, since the cause was never addressed.

Please don’t assume that I am bashing medical doctors. I’m not. They are irreplaceable in emergency and life saving situations. I am merely pointing out the differences between the medical and chiropractic paradigms. More people everyday are waking up to realize that treating symptoms, or effects, does not improve your health. It may make you “feel” better for awhile, but it never makes you “function” better. In order for your body to perform at it’s highest level, the cause of dysfunction must be addressed. In other words, just remove the rubber band.