There are many chemicals and other ingredients in our food supply that are not only bad for you, but are just plain scary. Things like MSG, Fluoride and GMOs are on the short list for “most dangerous ingredients”. However, the most frightening, by far, is the artificial sweetener Aspartame, also known as NutraSweet or Equal. As an Atlanta chiropractor, I have done plenty of research on this poison, and it paints a pretty bad picture. With over 90 documented side effects, most being neurological, it was literally a crime to let this chemical in to our food supply. Not only is it toxic, but extremely addictive as well. From the late 1960’s to 1980 it was deemed by the FDA as “unsuitable for human consumption”, due to the fact that it caused brain tumors and aborted fetuses in rats. Now it’s in more than 6000 products including yogurt and chewing gum, along with baby formula and children’s vitamins. Almost every sugar-free or diet food and drink on the market contains this deadly poison.

The most disturbing thing about Aspartame is how it is produced. The GMO giant, Monsanto, genetically modifies certain viral bacteria, then they feed it toxic waste. Whatever the mutant bacteria defecates…that’s Aspartame! So, that little blue packet people dump in their coffees day after day, is nothing more than mutant bacteria poop! I couldn’t make this stuff up!
Aspartame is made of Aspartic Acid and Pheynlalanine held together by a methyl-ester bond. Aspartic acid breaks down into Aspartate, an excitotoxin, similar to MSG, known to lead to things like MS, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, ALS and Epilepsy. The methyl-ester bond, once ingested, breaks down in to Methanol, more commonly known as Wood Alcohol. This is a poison! It has been shown that even small amounts in the blood stream can cause blindness. If that’s not bad enough, the Methanol breaks down further in to Formaldehyde! You may know this as embalming fluid, a well known carcinogen. I told you this stuff was scary!

The only benefit that this chemical cocktail is supposed to have, is having zero calories. This would lead you to believe that using it instead of sugar would help to control weight gain. This is an outright lie. Numerous studies have shown that people who begin drinking diet sodas actually gain weight!
Even though Aspartame is a sugar substitute, there is nothing “sweet” about it. Just remember, anytime you see the words “diet” or “sugar free” on a package, replace them with “chemical shit-storm”!