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Neurological at Virginia Hill Chiropractic

The Upper Cervical Care approach focuses on the brain’s ability to communicate with our body. Any miscommunication due to a malfunctioning nervous system hinders the body’s natural ability to heal itself. In order to locate any interference to the nervous system, we perform various neurological tests to assess balance, coordination, spatial orientation and more. A neurological examination may include the use of a pinwheel to test nerve patterns on your skin, or pushing on your muscles groups in different directions to see if any areas are weak.

Here are a few signs that Neurological issues need to be addressed:
1. Direct trauma or injury, which may be obvious.
2. Reflex pain from internal visceral reflexes
3. Reflex pain from musculoskeletal trauma points, which deep pressure often exaggerates.
4. Peripheral nerve injury results in an intense superficial burning pain.
5. The presence of nerve inflammations and degenerations of the peripheral or central nervous system frequently cause other changes indicative of such lesions.
6. Vascular disease, which is usually associated with other changes such as swelling, redness, blanching, or other vascular disorder signs —depending on whether it is an arterial or venous problem.
7. Sensory root pressure is characterized by pain, paresthesia, and often abnormal sensitivity to touch along the course of the affected nerve roots

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Virginia Hill Chiropractic is a local and family-owned business. Our professional team has been practicing for years to provide the best Chiropractic care to Atlanta Georgia. We specialize in Upper Cervical Chiropractic care. Contact us today for a FREE consultation on our services.

Entrust our caring team for affordable and top-notch techniques to treat your health effectively. At Virginia Hill Chiropractic, we believe the focus should be on living a life free of nerve interference and not about getting adjustments. In fact, our goal is to deliver a few adjustments as possible. Contact us for a FREE consultation. Same-day appointments are available.

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