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Meet Dr. Kris Peterson, Chiropractor in Atlanta, GA

At Virginia Hill Chiropractic, we recognize the unique needs of each patient and we work accordingly to deliver the customized chiropractic care you need to achieve your individual goals. Meet our staff and contact us today to get started on your healing journey!

Dr. Kris Peterson Atlanta Chiropractor smiling for the camera

Dr. Kris Peterson, DC

Originally from a small town in the southern tier of New York, Dr. Kris Peterson is a third generation Chiropractor who graduated from Life University in Atlanta, GA with a Doctorate degree in Chiropractic.

With over 14 years of experience practicing in the Full Spine model of traditional chiropractic, Dr. Peterson’s expertise allowed him to build a successful practice in the heart of Virginia Highland, serving the Atlanta communities.

After turning 40, he began playing golf, which led to lower back problems threatening his ability to continue practicing Chiropractic.  After visiting several chiropractors throughout Atlanta, the only relief he found was through an Upper Cervical Chiropractic adjustment.

This adjustment not only relieved his back pain, but also eliminated other symptoms he was experiencing including chronic sinus infections, slurred speech, headaches, and a lazy eye.  Upper Cervical Chiropractic adjustment changed Dr. Peterson’s life and the direction of his future practice.

Having completed over 200 hours of advanced post-graduate training and certification in Upper Cervical Specific Chiropractic, Dr. Peterson now delivers the same high, quality standard of care that led to his own recovery.

His own personal experiences have made Dr. Peterson a compassionate and understanding practitioner who recognizes the unique needs of every patient and wholeheartedly believes that the Upper Cervical Chiropractic approach can help achieve optimal healing and restore patients’ health.

Dr. Peterson is an active member of the Georgia Chiropractic Council and the International Federation of Chiropractic Organizations.  He is also a strong advocate of keeping Chiropractic a separate and distinct form of healthcare and continues to promote its heritage and lexicon.

In his spare time, Dr. Peterson enjoys boating, snowboarding, hiking, rock climbing and repelling, photography and live music.  He and his wife, Tania, have a daughter, Eve.

Dr. Peterson giving back to his local community in Atlanta, GA

Community Engagement

Every year Dr. Peterson closes his practice for one week and travels throughout the world to underprivileged nations in order to provide health care and assistance to those who are struggling.  Together with a group of 14 other chiropractors, he delivers free Upper Cervical Chiropractic care to thousands of patients who would otherwise be unable to access or afford health care.

Dr. Peterson is passionate about serving global communities through these mission trips and generating awareness about the numerous health benefits of Upper Cervical Chiropractic care.

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Virginia Hill Chiropractic is a local and family-owned business. Our professional team has been practicing for years to provide the best Chiropractic care to Atlanta Georgia. We specialize in Upper Cervical Chiropractic care. Contact us today for a FREE consultation on our services.

Entrust our caring team for affordable and top-notch techniques to treat your health effectively. At Virginia Hill Chiropractic, we believe the focus should be on living a life free of nerve interference and not about getting adjustments. In fact, our goal is to deliver a few adjustments as possible. Contact us for a FREE consultation. Same-day appointments are available.

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