About Kris Peterson

Although born in Cape Canaveral, Florida, Dr. Peterson's roots lie in a small town in the Southern Tier of New York. He later moved to Hilton Head Island in 1994, where he attended the University of South Carolina for undergraduate studies. In 1996, he moved to...

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Chiropractic and Pregnancy

One of my favorite parts of being an Atlanta Chiropractor is being able to adjust expecting mothers. Watching the physical and emotional growth of women as they get closer to parenthood is truly a blessing. The process of human development is a miracle orchestrated by...

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What does a chiropractor cure?

Being an Atlanta chiropractor, I here questions like this all the time. “Can chiropractic cure my headaches”? “Can a chiropractor cure my asthma”? The truth is, a chiropractor can not cure ANYTHING. As a matter of fact, no doctor, whether it be medical or...

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Symptom VS. Cause

Symptom VS. Cause

Chiropractic is different than traditional allopathic medicine in many ways. We are a drugless profession. We don’t perform surgeries or diagnose diseases. Most importantly, REAL Chiropractors don’t treat symptoms. As an Atlanta chiropractor, I understand that...

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Top 5 Supplements EVERYONE Should Have!!!

My patients will tell you I don’t spend much time talking to them about the importance of nutrition. The reason for this is simple. I don’t want to confuse people about what a Chiropractor is, and what we do. My job as an Atlanta Chiropractor is to detect and correct...

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There seems to be a lot of confusion about when to use ice rather than heat when it comes to injuries. Commonly, patients will come to an Atlanta Chiropractor after an acute injury due to sports or car accidents. Many times the pain from the incident isn’t felt for...

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