The Secret to a Good Massage!

Have you ever wondered why a massage feels great…for about an hour? Then, it seems like the
massage never happened. Why? Let me see if I can answer that for you.

Your brain has a mind of its own. It is constantly adapting in order to survive in its environment.
One of the toughest things our body has to adjust to, is gravity. Research has shown that 90% of
the brains output energy is used just holding ourselves up in our gravitational field. 90%! That is
with a perfectly balanced spine!

An upper cervical Subluxation, when one of the small bones at the top of the neck gets stuck,
creates a situation where our heads are locked in a tilted position. This, in turn, leads to an
imbalance in the entire spinal system. Our head, which weighs from 10 to 13 pounds, sits on top
of 2 to 3 ounce bone called Atlas. Normally, the brain can balance the head where it meets the
spine. But, when we are Subluxated, this is impossible. Because our brains are constantly
struggling to balance against gravitational forces and it cannot achieve it in the upper neck,
instead, it must use the spine down below. The only way the brain can move the spine is with
your muscles. It uses these muscles to drop a shoulder, translate the head and raise a hip. This
creates curves in the spine that can sometimes be mistaken for scoliosis. Once the brain gets the
eyes level with the horizon and achieves the goal of creating the best balance possible, it locks
the spine in that position. Eventually, these tightened muscles begin to spasm and fatigue. Over
time, the imbalanced forces through body will lead to any number of musculoskeletal complaints
such as stiffness, aching, tingling and of course, pain.

Then we go to the neuromuscular therapist and we get these tight muscles massaged, stretched,
heated and rubbed. We feel great during the massage, but why are we surprised when it comes
back? Our brain is telling those muscles to be tight for a reason. The muscle is nothing but a
steak until a nerve tells it what to do. So, until we address why the brain is tightening those
muscles, they are just going to return to the way they were. You can not fight the brain.
When interviewing new patients, I hear this story quite often. What these people find is that
when we address the upper cervical subluxation and get the head back on straight, literally, the
tightness in the spinal musculature is immediately affected. When we get to the cause of the
tightness the symptoms reduce quite quickly. Then, when they get their next massage, it actually
works better because we aren’t fighting signals from the brain anymore.

So if you find yourself, like many others, feeling like you wasted $100 and an hour of your life
after a massage, you might want to get checked for upper cervical Subluxation. It could possibly
change everything!